There are a number of places in New Mexico where a home can be placed with a handsome view in a remote location, but few can compare with the eastern foothills of Las Cruces.

Mission Bell Estates, Las Alturas and Shadow Run are three developments on the east side that draw envious looks and sighs.

Las Alturas, the newest of the developments, offers an upscale community with little traffic in an almost rural setting. Streetlights are few in Las Alturas to enhance the stars of the night sky and maintain desert isolation.

Mission Bell Estates is a bit more Spartan in its appointments. Homes positioned on large lots lend themselves to experiencing nature first-hand. Many residents of Mission Bell Estates swap stories of antelope, coyotes and other wildlife paying a visit to their property.

Shadow Run is between Mission Bell Estates and Las Alturas, just east of I-25 and New Mexico State University. It is difficult to spot from the highway because of arroyos and canyons.

Whether it s hiking, mountain biking or looking for arrowheads, the area around the three developments is rich in vistas and desert vegetation, a natural magnet for many.

Soledad Canyon to the east is the ultimate in remote, yet stylish living. Residents find themselves near the foothills of the Organ Mountains and hungering for sunsets.

Each evening as the sun moves westward, purplish and violet hues spread across blooming cactus like a comforter on a chilly night.

While the roads are paved into the canyon, some have chosen to live near roads that are more horse trails than streets.

The area provides seclusion while being minutes away from the civilization of Las Cruces, its schools, stores and entertainment.

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