• LCPS is the second largest school district in NM. Located 45 miles north of the US/Mexico border, the school district covers the middle third of Doña Ana Co.; the district encompasses all of Las Cruces.

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  • The district has 33 schools with a student population that exceeds 22,200 students. There are 22 elementary, 7 middle, and four high schools. The district also has one training center for special education students.

  • The elementary schools are kindergarten through 5th grades with the exception of two adjacent schools-César Chávez (K-2nd) and Sunrise (3rd-5th). Middle schools are 6th through 8th grades and high schools are 9th through 12th.

  • LCPS has more than 3,100 employees, making it the third largest employer in Doña Ana Co.

    Quick Stats

  • District Enrollment: 22,200
  • Schools: 33
  • Student Ethnicity: Hispanic 65.6%; Anglo 30.3%; African American 2.3%; Asian 1.0%; Native A. .8%
  • Dropout Rate: 5.5% (A significantdecrease over last several years)
  • Graduate Rate: 94.5 percent
  • Attendance Rate: 96.2 percent
  • Percentage of Students Receiving Special Education Services: 26%
  • Percentage of Free/Reduced Lunches: 54.5%
  • SAT Achievement: Both math (517) and verbal (529) mean composite scores are higher than national averages
  • Percentage of Teachers with Masters' Degrees or higher: 40%
  • Starting Teacher Salary: $30,423.
  • Total District Budget 2002/03: $197,180,196.
  • Every bond issue since the 1950s has passed by local voters.